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Hi, I am Analisa Crawford. The founder of Breath of Life!. I want to start by  showing the transformation I had in my own life with the tools I can't wait to show you as well. The 2 pictures below show a little of my own transformation and how powerful can it be when we change our focus and when we are living with direction and purpose. It can even affect our physical body. As you can see on these pictures I look more full of live and happy at my thirties than when I was in my twenties.

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Mailys Evelyn Castillo

“First of all, thank you for choosing me to be part of this great adventure. Yes!, I talk about choosing, since I believe that people do not come by chance to your life and less at the moment that you need it most, I spent 3 years immersed in a thousand I can't, "in fears", in "I have no time", in so many excuses that the truth today, I ask myself: Why wasted so much time? Starting this coaching course helped me get out of those excuses that fed my soul, mind and body and did not allow me to clearly identify my goals. I know it's been a little slow because of my work responsibilities, but I think at the pace I've taken it, it's allowed me to focus more and more on what I want to achieve in my life every day. I can say that I am happy, that every morning I have a reason to follow, I have managed to take the courses I wanted and in fact already pass the first with excellent grades, I am doing a routine every day of exercise that has allowed me to lower my measurements and feel better, not only physically, but mentally, I managed to take 15 min of meditation daily before starting the day and I started to structure a personal project that I had stuck long ago, but mentally, I have managed to take 15 min of meditation daily before starting the day and I started to structure a personal project that I had stuck long ago Time. I have no doubt that sometimes we need a little push to really see how wonderful we have in front of us and we do not realize it. That ability to achieve everything, without putting limits on us.“

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Pedro Guerrero

Hey everyone!!

First time posting on here but I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Analisa Crawford for sharing her coaching program with Aurora and I!

Having done a couple of these programs before and seen zero results, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical to start another one. You’re approach to the coaching, however, made things super approachable and easy to implement.

I can say this has been extremely impactful in a positive way. I’ve learned to become more organized in my daily routine, follow a structured agenda that makes my life easy. I was motivated to finish my education and more importantly I feel more empowered and in control to handle any challenges in my life.

Again I thank you a bunch for helping us through this crazy pandemic, I can’t stress enough what a pivotal role you’ve played in my professional life, and although I can’t speak for Aurora, I’m sure she’ll agree that you’ve helped strengthen our mindset and our energy

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Freddy Hernandez

“Thank you so much for letting me be part of something so wonderful. to be completely honest I never saw the need to have a coach I thought that everything was just fine, boy was I wrong!. I feel like Analisa's course opened too many mental doors. It taught me how to make my goals reachable. Since day one, I was IN.  I have a long list of things this course did for me, but one that I want to touch on is to delete the word "never" from my vocabulary. I believe that to complete anything in life, you have to mentally, physically and spiritually be ready. This course touches on all those areas and empowers you to go after your goals, no matter how big they are and make them a  reality“

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Sandy Mikilatos

“I already had my discovery call and it was a great experience! I felt struggling with myself trying to find something that would fill me professionally. Then I found this good opportunity to have that guidance to get back on track on my growth way. I have to thank Analisa Crawford for those wonderful tips and the best vibes during the call, I felt relax while discovering things from myself that are blocking me. I encourage you to try and enjoy this great opportunity.“

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Fatou Pruitt

“Hey love, It's been a week since our coaching session together. I am so happy and grateful for the work we did together. This past week has been magical and I have experienced tons of energy and have lost 5lbs and enjoying my workouts and the boundaries I have set for myself. love you so much.“

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Marcela De Leon

"Hello everyone, today I would like to tell you a little about my experience in my session with Analisa... I think I should start by saying that I didn't know what to expect because it was the first time I did it, but we started a conversation that flowed little by little, finding important points that were causing me a lot of stress and it helped me a lot to understand it, also giving me tools to change my way of thinking and see situations, I think that at the end of the call I felt much less stressed, I lost weight from my shoulders, and I have flowed much better after it. There are times when one needs someone who objectively helps us organize our thoughts and actions to return to the path that we had lost in the problems of daily life, Thank you Analisa! , you are the best, I look forward to my next session hehe 😊🤗

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